Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry

An attractive smile and white teeth are the symbols of being young and successful. With the help of modern procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry we are able to give you the dream smile you are looking for. The most important criteria in Aesthetic Dentistry is that the form, function and appearance must match together. To achieve this we need to make sure that the proportion in the jaw and face are in harmony and is perfect. With our experienced team of specialists in different fields of dentistry we are able to plan the best possible course of action for your smile.

Teeth Whitening

This is the treatment of discolored or stained teeth without altering the shape or integrity of the teeth in any way. This may be done in the office with the different office systems or by using take-home whitening kits.

Office Whitening

This procedure usually requires only one visit to the clinic. After applying a protective gel to your gums to protect the oral soft tissues a whitening agent is applied to the teeth. Our special bleaching advanced light helps to activate the gel and the full procedure will take 30 min.

At-Home Whitening

Peroxide-containing whitening gels can bleach the tooth enamel. They are placed in a bleaching plastic tray that is formulated for each patient, according to their needs. The active ingredients in the whitening gel penetrate your teeth to break down the discolored molecules deep inside your teeth, removing stains and whitening your smile. Some gels contain potassium nitrate and fluoride, which have been shown to strengthen enamel, decrease sensitivity, and help prevent cavities. If tooth sensitivity occurs, it is often temporary and will go away once you’ve completed the whitening process.


Thin porcelain laminates can be bonded to the front teeth to close gaps or change the size, shape or color of your teeth. Veneers are carefully designed by our aesthetic speacialist and will give you the lovely smile you have been always dreaming about.

Porcelain crowns

After removing badly damaged or decayed material, a tooth like “cap” is cemented in place. Crowns can be matched to your tooth color.