Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry, which helps diagnose, prevent and treat misaligned teeth, jaws and malocclusions (improper bites). Problems such as crowded teeth, spaced teeth, deep bite, cross bite, missing teeth, thumb sucking, speech difficulties, grinding or clenching of teeth or clicking of the jaws by opening and closing, require orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic problems can be detected as early as seven years of age or even earlier.
An early examination allows noticing these problems and a better planning of the appropriate treatment. The early treatment often reduces the effort of the later alignment of permanent teeth and set up the chance to treat dental crowding without extractions of permanent teeth.

The strategy of our treatment is to first build up neuromuscular balance by jaw development and alignment of posture then to straighten the teeth. Successful and stable orthodontic treatment results are more than just straightening teeth.
Orthodontic treatment can be performed at any age, successfully. In severe cases of malocclusion in adults, because the facial bones don’t grow anymore, the correction with braces alone are not possible. In these cases a combination of orthodontic and surgical treatment would be the best treatment option.
More than half of teeth & jaw misalignments are originated after birth. The reason for that could be a pacifier, extended thumb sucking, wrong swallowing patterns or a restricted upper airway. Also, after the early loss of baby teeth an orthodontic treatment can be necessary as early as 4 years of age.
Waiting for the completion of permanent teeth eruption to reduce the treatment time may result in serious disadvantages for the child.

Orthodontic treatment of children

After 10 years of age, 90% of the growth of the upper jaws is completed. An incorrect jaw position can cause major asymmetries. This can affect important functions in the oral cavity and can have a negative effect on the neck, shoulder and back. To prevent early disadvantages for your child it is important to have an early check up with your orthodontist to plan the right timing of treatment. Our professional team has a lot of experience in dealing with young patients. We take enough time to determine the optimal staging of treatment and observe the teeth and jaw development in your child on a regular basis every six months. The intervals of visits in active orthodontic treatment are every six to eight weeks.